Sunday, May 14, 2006

Purpose of this Blog

One of the reasons that blogging appeals to me is its inherent flexibility. So while I have an idea of what I want this blog to ultimately achieve, I suspect, its theme will change and be molded not just through future writings by me, but equally by those who will find interest in this blog. Unlike other forms of media, blogs are driven by the readers as much as the author. I hope this blog will serve as a convenient forum for chiropractors everywhere to discuss pertinent topics and receive useful information on all the non-clinical issues related to our industry. We all have to admit that most chiropractors inexplicably fall into a reclusive existence bounded by the walls of their office. How often do you meet and consult with another chiropractor outside your office? How many chiropractors within a mile radius of your office do you know?

You may not have clinical conundrums to dumbfound each other with, but that's not the point. There's more to discuss than the latest therapy or technique. I'm sure you will agree with me that clinical concerns are just one of multiple factors in building and maintaining a thriving practice. Perhaps by talking with your neighbor, you'll learn that a nearby company is looking for a chiropractor to serve as an ergonomic consultant. Perhaps he'll keep you up to date on the latest reimbursement or legislative changes. The possibilities of what you learn are endless. If you're not regularly talking to multiple chiropractors, you're missing out.

I hope that this blog can serve as another format for you to interact with other chiropractors. I don't mean myself specifically, but other readers who share the same concerns and interest as you. I will do what I can to facilitate continuing dialogues. As this blog builds momentum, I'm anxious to find out what I will learn myself.


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