Friday, May 12, 2006

Drowning in the Internet

Since my company specializes in helping chiropractors discover new low-cost marketing methods, what a better first post than beginning a discussion about the internet. The word "internet" seems to jump out of everyone's mouth when the topic of new age marketing comes up. And by internet, people refer to building an informative website. Doctors struggle at building their own sites or hire one of the many companies out there offering their web design service. It's obvious to anyone interested in building a website that the content and layout is very important. But I've come to realize that most chiropractors never realize what is just as important is having some sort of plan to drive traffic to the site. Websites, among other uses, can be a useful tool in disseminating information about chiropractic in general and an individual office in particular. But why worry about the content and graphics if no one sees it? If an informative site goes online tomorrow but no one sees it, is it really online?

I came across Yaro Starak's article. It's a good primer for those interested in enhancing their traffic through search engines. I used to think that alot of rules and concerns about web traffic don't apply to chiropractors because the nature of our business serves a small local area. I've long since realized how wrong I was. If you still have your doubts, maybe this article by Will Swayne will steer your thinking.