Tuesday, June 20, 2006

The Absolute Absolute Truth on Dieting

The last post on abdominals got me thinking about dieting. As I noted, the two topics are perpetually linked, though often for the wrong reasons. In an ever waist-inflating society, people are always asking about the best way to diet. Too often, I hear the phrase "If I only knew how to diet, I'd drop all this extra weight." Or how about, "Let me finish reading this latest diet book, it's supposed to work really well." Or "I'm so confused, everybody says their method is the best."

I get very angry when I hear these proclamations, especially the last one. All these competing authors and companies in the ever lucrative dieting industry have done is confused the masses and hide the basic truth from you. Allow me to help you filter out all the conflicting garbage that's been heaped upon you the last 20 years and share with you this earth-shattering absolute truth on dieting. This basic fundamental truth can be best described in the following mathematical relationship:

(Calories In) < (Calories Out) = Weight Loss

It's that simple!

It doesn't matter how many grams of yogurt you eat every morning. You don't have to wait until Saturday for your ice cream. You don't have to measure out every meal. When thoughts of dieting gets you confused, just remember this simple formula above. It doesn't matter what you're eating or what you're doing. As long as you're burning more than you take in, your goal will be accomplished. So next time someone asks you how'd u lose 5 lbs, give them my answer, "I burned more calories than I took in".

Dieting is a very simple process.

Dieting doesn't seem so daunting now.


Anonymous Jeremiah Owyang said...

I agree. there's not fad, or magic pill,it's a simple formula.

6:04 AM  

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