Friday, June 16, 2006

Identity Crisis

Did you notice I've changed the title of the blog? I've been wanting to change the name of this blog for a long time. I just couldn't come up with one that felt quite right. The previous name "Confessions of a Chiropractor" was a result of the blog "Confessions of a Quackbuster". I mentioned it previously, and will continue to write about this blog in the near future.

Purely out of phonetic reasons, I would've preferred renaming this to "Cornucopia Chiropractica", but I just thought the Spanish may throw readers off. It reminds me of the term, "Encyclopaedia Britannica". As you can probably deduce now, I have a strong preference for alliterations in titles. I hope this new title is more applicable and as I've heard from a few readers, a little less "tacky". As always, your feedback is welcomed with open arms.


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