Thursday, June 08, 2006

Athletes and Chiropractic Merge

I'm a huge sports nut. I know an insane amount of sports. You want go toe-to-toe in sports trivia? Bring it on. Through the years of reading various esoteric barely relevant sports articles, I've come across many articles that mentioned chiropractic treatment for some star athletes.

This comes to mind as the NBA Finals are just about to tip-off. Two weeks ago when Steve Nash was suffering from back spasms, it was reported live on TNT as they were warming up that Nash had received treatment from a chiropractor. The body responded and it never became much of an issue again. From time to time, these storylines will pop up, usually during some championship game. I remember just before the past Super Bowl, Jerome Bettis was quoted in an article how much chiropractic helped preserve his body.

The most memorable article I've come across in the past few years was an interview of Michael Strahan. He was complaining that there were still some teams in the NFL who don't provide a team chiropractor. He thought those teams were behind the times, and simply just didn't care that much for their players. I got a big kick out of that one. Strahan visits a chiropractor regularly as a result of the rigors of pro football.

Unfortunately, I can't find these articles online anymore. But from now on, I'll be sure to post them up here. These bodies that have tens of millions of dollars attached to it use chiropractic to treat and preserve their health. I think that's as good of reason as another other for the average joe to visit his neighborhood chiropractor.


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