Saturday, May 27, 2006

Chiro Blog Hunting #3

I've decided to run a continuing series highlighting various chiropractic blogs. Hopefully this will further my goal of creating a great resource for chiropractic bloggers. You can see what others are blogging about and how they're doing it. I will put particularly outstanding blogs on my blogroll. Sort of a chiropractic blog wall of fame. I can't wait to find the first inductee.

Without further ado, I'd like to introduce you to Everett Chiropractic. The blog is maintained by Dr. Dennis Dilday of Everett, Washington. He updates it semi-regularly at a frequency of about once a week. His latest post is quite a good one regarding a particular back support that he carries at the clinic. I didn't find any pictures of the product and requested that he post some up. I browsed through the rest of the blog and Dr. Dilday is certainly practicing what I've been preaching. He's using the blog to introduce himself and his services and products. He uses it to update patient classes/seminars he's holding. He uses it to disseminate information.

I highly suggest that you add pictures whenever you discuss about a product in your office. It not only gives more information on the product, but it adds extra flavor to your post. There will definitely be a better chance of your reader remembering the product. It will also allow the reader to know instantly the topic of the post.

Dr. Dilday also links to his website which is a good looking site. Likewise, I see that he has a link to his blog on his website as well. I've always felt that if you place a link to your blog, it should be placed on a prominent page with the greatest web traffic. Where is the greatest web traffic? There are FREE online tools that will help you analyze your visitors' behaviors. But the simple answer of course is the FIRST PAGE!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the comments. Since your post I've figured out how to easily include photos, gotten a good digital camera, and uploaded many. Also since your post WordPress has changed something and now I can't seem to get paragraph breaks... such is life on the web.


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