Monday, May 22, 2006

Breath Alcohol Testing

Are there any chiropractors out there currently performing breath alcohol testing? I worked at a bustling chiropractic office that performed such services throughout San Jose while I was attending chiropractic school. I don't know if it sounds complicated to implement such services into your office, but I can assure you that it is not. The most tedious portion of the implementation prcoess is going through the necessary training. It's only a few hours, we've all wasted more time in some seminar we just wanted to check out. There is very little hardware to obtain. It's similar to keeping an extra set of blood pressure cuffs in your office. No, "not having enough office space" is not an excuse. Typical visits were about 10 minutes and testing can be performed by your assistant as long as he is also certified. So it doesn't take very much of your business hours either. Performing breath alcohol testing provides four direct benefits to your office.

Benefits of Breath-Alcohol Testing in Your Office:

1. Provides supplementary income for your office.

2. Increase foot traffic into your office.

3. Your office will be seen in more listings.

4. Build relationships with other agencies and offices.

I can tell you that the office I worked at had regular chiropractic patients that first came to know the office through breath alcohol testing. It was mostly drivers who were required for tests, but others such as supervisors also came into contact with the office and eventually became patients.

As always, I welcome comments from anyone in the blogosphere. But I'd especially like to hear from anyone who's been performing this test.


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