Friday, May 26, 2006

Attitude Change

Been having problems with my internet access the last few days, thus the semi-regular postings. I'll be posting this weekend to make up the slack.

Read an article today published in the latest issue of British Medical Journal. The article relates to the concept of social marketing. Social marketing applies commercial marketing concepts in order to change behaviors in a population. In our case, social marketing can be applied to changing the public's collective behavior towards visiting a chiropractor. Here are some parameters that has yet to be agreed upon within our own profession, let alone the general public.

Basic Issues to Unify:

1. When to visit a chiropractor?
2. Typical visit (service/time)?
3. Treatment frequency?
4. Length of treatment plan?

The answers to the above questions will not be settled by chiropractors alone. I think the profession itself has this illusion of power and control. We've already known that legislative changes can affect our profession quite swiftly. Despite the outcry within the profession, these limitations continue to threaten the business of chiropractic. Chiropractors must realize that these parameters will eventually be set, with or without aggressive involvement by the chiropractic community. Scientific findings and public opinion will have a bigger voice than the chiropractic community.

Agreeing on the above parameters will be a big step towards giving us the ability to affect the public's behavior regarding chiropractic care. Putting forth a clear and concise product will allow us to address the barriers to action within the population.

With more and more health insurance companies and governmental agencies allowing chiropractic visits, do you ever wonder why so few people seek chiropractic care?

It's not because only 10% of the population has access. It's not because the MD's hate us.

It is because of public opinion.


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