Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Blog Hunt #4

I try not to devote too many entries to this topic. I plan on doing one highlight a week. But I ran into a chiropractic blog today that I felt I must share. I thought about putting it off for a week since my last blog highlight was so recent. But I know myself. I will forget. So please check out this blog by Jolibois Chiropractic. The blog features personal writings by the doctor. They allow him to educate the public and breathes life into his persona. He even included a photos section. What really caught my attention was that Dr. Jolibois continues to post reguarly despite a major setback at his office (Hint: read his blog if you're curious on the nature of the setback).

I think this blog doubles as a website. What a clever idea! Now he saves on web design costs and hosting fees. Ingenious! Most websites are static sites, they simply post relevent content up to be browsed by visitors. In the case of chiropractic websites, contents typically include office hours, doctor biography, office location, contact information, and health articles. As Dr. Jolibois clearly shows, all this information can easily be incorporated into a blog.


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