Monday, June 05, 2006

Who's Talking About You?

So how do you get your patients to market for you? Why will they refer new patients to you? How do you mobilize your word of mouth marketers? Is it as simple as taking care of your patients? Not only is a patient's reference more readily accepted, it leaves a deeper impression, meaning it will be remembered longer. What a concept, a highly effective marketing tool that costs you zero dollars. So is there a science to the seemingly chaotic and random process of word of mouth marketing?

There most certainly is a way to form a long-term word of mouth marketing plan and execute it. Not only is it possible, but you should definitely have a plan for it. Word of mouth marketing begins and ends with outstanding service and outstanding products. But in between, take advantage of available tools and ideas to streamline your word of mouth marketing. In the coming months, I will be diving into deeper details on the subject. For now, I suggest you sign up for a newsletter or at least pay a visit to WOMMA. Lots of good stuff there. Did I mention it's free? I just love that word.


Blogger Jeremiah Owyang said...

Good timing here, a few minutes ago I just posted these thoughts from findings that most WOM is positive.

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