Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Blog Hunt #5

I found a blog today that might be a good resource for chiropractic practice growth. My eyes literally bulged when I found another regularly updated chiropractic blog. It was just a matter of time before I found another blog focusing on chiropractic marketing and management. Go and look around the site maintained by Dr. Leslie Wise, professor at Sherman Chiropractic. I suspect this site is primarily written for students at Sherman Chiropractic. Most entries are short and serves primarily to shed light on an article. Unfortunately, almost all of the articles are exclusively referred from Chiropractic Economics. I have already included a permanent link to ChiroEco on my sidebar on the right side of the blog. The magazine offers the occasional insightful article, so I recommend checking in on them from time to time. Still, you can use Dr. Wise's blog as another source to point you to interesting articles, even if they're strictly from ChiroEco.

A great feature on this blog is the occasional podcast. If the articles don't interest you much, then give Dr. Wise's podcasts a try. Looks like it's all original material and you can just turn it on while you've got 10 minutes at the office.


Anonymous orie said...

I work for a chiropractor that is all about is blog and has a page rank of 5/10 from google on his blog, you should check it out sometime.

1:56 PM  

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