Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Be a Health Expert

Marketing efforts of your office will be exponentially more effective if you are viewed as an expert in your field. This is what a doctor hopes to establish when undertaking various marketing activities such as giving health lectures in the community and donating services to local schools.

Establishing yourself as an health expert in cyberspace is just as important. Internet usage is becoming ever more popular as Jeremiah Owyang reports. As more consumers continue to seek information online, more doctors are seeking to secure their visibility on the world wide web. Many choose to invest in programs such as Google AdWords or Yahoo Local Sponsored Search. Those programs will help you increase your visibility.

But what about your credibility?

You can be recognized as an expert in your field by imparting knowledge to your visitors. Providing pertinent up-to-date health information will differentiate your practice from other offices who merely advertise their services.

Likewise, health searchers are becoming ever more active online. They are asking ever more questions, looking for experts online to find their answers. In the article, Loren Baker also shares with us how he found a local chiropractor through the web. When you share health tips on your site, your content will help your web visibility. When visitors learn from your writings, your content will then help your web credibility.

As more and more doctors strive to gain visibility online, the consumer will rely on credibility to differentiate one office to another.


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